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equicty, Horse Industry Software

Stable Management Software

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Coordinate and communicate all activities at the stable or on the road with our ready-to-use platform.

The platform that helps you to coordinate all your riding club activities on one place, accessible anywhere!

Riding Club


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Smart Stable Board

Our Smart Stable Board is a reggudized intelligent touchscreen that replaces the widely used whiteboard which allows you to workfaster and more accurate at the stable !

There's no better way to hear about equicty than from our clients

equicty, more than a software solution...

Advice & Expertise

We don't want to just be your software provider, we want to be your partner.

With 15+ years in the industry 
and over 5000 horses managed, 
we can give you advice on 
optimizing your horse business.

Easy & Fast Set Up

We understand that you have other priorities and limited time, 
so we make sure that getting set up will take no time at all. 
It’s fast and easy, allowing you to start managing your horse

business quickly, without hassle.

Dedicated Support

You'll receive a dedicated 
account manager who will be 
there when needed. 
You’ll also have access to 
technical support designed to meet your needs such as online help and live phone support.