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Innovative digital management solutions for equestrian businesses.

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The software for any type of equestrian business that will simplify your and your teams life !

Management Software for Stables & Riding clubs



equicty offers multiple ready-to-go online applications with enhanced features to help every type of equine business independently from discipline and ranging from a big equestrian centre or stud to a small private stable or riding club.

We help your equestrian business to organise in a way to work efficient, faster and smarter by automating daily routines within your equestrian business, stable or riding club. We will speed-up and simplify the whole planning, booking and payment process of your stable or riding club. equicty will drastically reduce your physical interactions, calls and chats by bringing all your stakeholders on 1 collaborative tool.

Equicty will help you to streamline the communication between the stable and the administrative department. The tool will allow the administrative department to overview the planning and capture task related expenses or billable expenses in a breeze. Stop chasing and running daily after your administrative information and make a hold on manually introducing and duplicating  this data.

Introduce all your stakeholders, team mates, horse owners, members, vets, farriers etc on one central platform and let them exchange information. Update any kind of information and make it in real-time available at their fingertips. Let the system do the job for you and notify your users with new information updates or changes. Work together on one system and lower the effort for all!


Access your information in the cloud via any devices, from everywhere and at anytime! Are you travelling, on a competition or at home we always make sure you can access all your horse or club data. In seconds you can access contact details, horses information, financial data, media files and share with anyone involved. We give you the full control on your organisation!

Complete collaboration and horse planning App for your type of stable.

The platform to remotely engage with your teams and horse owners from your devices, to work at the highest organisational efficiency and professional standard to keep your business and horses in optimal form.

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Gather your members to empower your riding clubs & equestrian centers.

Professional software to efficiently manage club members, lesson registrations, arena reservations and payments in one place. Provide a great selfservice tool for members!

Get rid of your whiteboard thanks to


A 32″ touchscreen in the heart of your stable
Optional – You can use our software with just your phone


Simon Delestre
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Simon Delestre

French Olympic Showjumper

“It’s truly a practical tool, easy-to-use and save loads of time. While travelling, I fill out the schedule for the week, change the modifications and everyone is informed in real time. This saves so much time. It’s very simple.
Everyone responsible can put their own information and it’s very simple because it’s with your own phone.”
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Grégory Wathelet

Belgian Olympic Showjumper

“Equicty is a useful tool that is very important to me. 
I’m using it to the maximum of its capabilities.  It’s possible to update and make changes by phone and tablet or even add notes.
I can check the data from everywhere… at the office, airport, horse show or at home. I can work and write out the program from there.”

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Robinson Maupiler

French International Show Jumper

“I use it for managing the finances of our business oriented stable. We know the exact costs of the horses, precisely . You can share the horse’s videos and photos, to analyse performance and pedigree. This information can be sent as a report to the client. It only took a small effort to adapt, now i can’t go without it.”

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Kevin Staut

French Olympic Showjumper

“I use the app and dashboards to plan for the days ahead and keep an eye on the work while I’m travelling. In the app there is the organisation feature for planning, associating videos and pictures for each individual horse.  What I love particularly is being able to share our passion with owners and sponsors as they have access.”

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Isabel Cool

Belgian International Dressage Rider

“I was using a big board and marker, kept schedules on paper the old fashioned way. Equicty has a new approach of managing. It helps when I’m away as I can keep in touch with the grooms at home and follow up. It’s much easier to make bills and the daily planning of the horses. It’s nice to work whenever you want and store photos and videos. “

These stables already integrated equicty into their organisation

We decided to go further. Stable managers connect and interact with multiple stakeholders, including vets, traders, customers and so on.  We created Software which provides support for anyone active in the horse industry, wheter you are a sport stable, trader, riding club or even medical professional.

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Grow your business as an equicty partner

Thank you for your interest in a partnership with us.
Please, allow us to ask you some questions, so we can get back to you more specifically.


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