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interactive Planning

No more messy whiteboard

plan interactively

Optimise the way you plan your stable. Whether it’s planning workout schedules, health activities, competition events or maintenance task for your staff in detail we just want to simplify and speed up your planning process !

You can interactively plan all your daily stable activities and communicate and coordinate the duties of your team.

All-in-one combined view

See the bigger picture

all-in-one view

Our dashboard is giving you a complete and structured view of all your horses and staff duties. It allows you to combine workouts, health records, competition schedules, breeding activities in one single overview. 

Be effective and customise the dashboard the way it suites best to your way of operating, just order the horses the way you want or use our advanced filter combinations to deliver the activities you want to see. 

Swap easily from the week view to the day view or our customised workout dashboard! 


all-in-one view
feature 3.2

Customise activity dashboard

A faster way to manage

feature 3.2

Customise your dashboard to suit your teams preferred way of working. 

Start by ordering on your dashboards your staff, horses or activities the way it suites you the best.

Further select how much information you want to display about horses.

Create your own task-sets

We won't disrupt

ft 3.3

Equstable gives you the opportunity to manage your own tasks sets and allow you to adapt your task definitions on the go. No matter in which horse sport discipline your active or no matter if you are a breeding stud, trading stable or livery yard the tool gives you all freedom the introduce your own task set! 

This way we will be less disruptive for your team as they will recognise the tasks they always have use to work with in the past, before going digital.


ft 3.3
ft 3.4

Modify planning in a breeze

Remote coordination

ft 3.4

Speeding-up your daily scheduling process with our interactive task scheduling features to easily DRAG & DROP activities or horses over the dashboard. 

Plan activities in group instead of having to click task one by one with our BULK ACTION features to add, edit or delete your activities in bulk.  

Reduce drastically the amount of phone call and chats when modifying the plan but just swipe a task from one day to another and let the system automatically notify your team leaving you all with a calm peace of mind! 


Automated planning

Never forget milestones

ft 3.5

Not necessary to count the days until the next vaccination or deworming must be given to your horse because the recurring feature does this job. Set the first date and let equstable do the work. 

The app will allow you to enter how many days until it reschedules the vaccination, deworming or other recurring activity.


ft 3.5

Manage maintenance activities

Quick & easy follow-up

Start assigning your staff any non-related horse duties and maintenance tasks. Let them follow-up on the personal list of duties on their mobile app and confirm the execution as soon as the job is done.   

Plan easily any maintenance incidents as a broken fence or you wish to plan any recurring activities as daily flattening the arena, weekly cut the grass or yearly planned truck maintenance, the system can plan it all.

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Grow your business as an equicty partner

Thank you for your interest in a partnership with us.
Please, allow us to ask you some questions, so we can get back to you more specifically.


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