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Smart Stable Board

We offer a 32″ touchscreen which replaces the well known whiteboards and gives you the opportunity to work faster and more detailed right from your stable environment

6 Reasons To say Goodbye To Your Old Planning Board

  • 01
    There's never enough space
    It’s physically impossible to add all details for each tasks of your team on one board. The Smart Stable Board allows you to add all details your team needs to each of your tasks (training, health, sport, nutrition and more)

  • 02
    Things get very messy
    Different colors, magnets and legends result in a messy board. Abbrevations or handwriting might not be clear for everyone. When using the Smarts Stable Board, you can easily switch views from overview to filtered views, based on tasks and horses only applicable to yourself.
  • 03
    Remote planning management
    It can become confusing and time-consuming to reach everyone by phone in order to change the planning or get updates when you’re on the road. Now you can change or create the planning on your laptop, phone or tablet. With a few clicks your staff gets updated about changes, including all details you’d like to give them. And you’ll be updated through notifications when your staff completes their tasks.
  • 04
    Save your history
    When wiping your clean whiteboard, info is lost forever. The Smart Stable Board saves time by taking into account past activities, while planning future activities. You can always go back to formerly planned and executed activities, to never lose important information again. All data is securely saved.
  • 05
    Data protection
    On a whiteboard, all information is always visible for any visitor, confidential or not. Using the Smart Stable board, you can select which info is accessible per user. Or you can simply turn off – or switch screens if you have visitors and want to keep certain information private.
  • 06
    Manage costs per horse
    Keeping track of your costs or consumed goods on post-its is not efficiënt. Notes can accidentally be erased and papers can be lost. That way you lose track of made costs per horse and risk forgetting to charge them to their owners. The Smart Stable Board organises your data to ensure you don’t forget a thing. All info gets synchronised, ensuring your administration has the latest information and detailed invoices can be made fast and at all time.

For every type of stable, discipline and integrable with Equicty solutions

All tools offer cutomisation based on your discipline and tasks, to be as relevant as possible

Rodrigo Pessoa

“With plenty of horses and people in different locations, it is easy to keep everyone on the same page as to what has to be done.

I have been using Equicty for 3 years now and my team is very happy with the system.

To be able to go back and see what was done to our horses and what has to be done in the future is a huge help.
Everything is organised and it makes everyone’s life much easier.”

Rodrigo Pessoa, 

World Champion – Olympic Gold

Eliminate clutter and make your information clear to everyone without the fear of running out of space or causing a misunderstanding amongst the team.

Neatly plan a horses schedule in detail and assign the tasks to different riders and grooms, to let one another understand the daily, weekly or monthly schedule on the same screen. 

Display and switch between different views with a structured overview and a detailed outline of horses and tasks relevant to your stable activities.

Create and modify your activities away from the stable knowing that the information will be displayed in real-time for the key users to view inside on the Smart Stable Board. 

Optimise your time by stepping away from traditional manual whiteboard planning that eat up your time and inhibit your effort to follow, save and see real-time updates on stable activities.

Access all records of past and current activities instantly on the Smart Stable Board. Assign horses and riders with one another via the riders board and choose to view the information from the dashboard or riders board. 

Modify the horses and teams profiles as they join or leave the team and see tasks update throughout the day as they are completed.

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Grow your business as an equicty partner

Thank you for your interest in a partnership with us.
Please, allow us to ask you some questions, so we can get back to you more specifically.


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