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Manage Your Team

Collaborate within the context of your work

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Manage all your staff personal details, cluster them in teams and assign them a role.

Invite your team to access the app with their personal account and protect sensitive content by managing their permissions to access some specific horses information.

Work more productively by selecting their native language and notify your team of any new task or important changes to the plan.


Manage Multiple Stable Operations

One business multiple operations

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If you have an organisation with different teams and barns on the same yard or on different locations that are operating independently than equstable has the perfect solutions to manage your different teams with one tool and one full overview but let your staff focus on the horses and activities within their proper operation.

Create isolated stable groups to focus your team on specific activities that directly impact their productivity.

Managers can enjoy an overview of their whole operation by bringing all their stable groups and bases together in one collaborative platform. 


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language feature

Choose your own language

Customised for you

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Allow your team to work in their native language to provide comfort and understanding in their duties and the needs of the horses.

This can easily be modified within the app. Currently you can choose from:

Configure Users Access Permissions

Keep your data safe

You can invite trough the system as many users you want to access your system and start collaborating.

As your user base can grow quickly and the information around horses can be sometimes very sensitive, it becomes more and more important to control your users permissions to access you data.  

Therefore we’ve foreseen a detailed permission matrix where you can restrict access based on type of information as Health, Training, competition etc and further detail the level of interaction you grant as only view information, add task or allow to edit or even delete tasks.


get notified feature

Notify, prioritize & set Reminders

Save time with automation

get notified feature

Enhance the productivity in your stable by allowing your team to be notified on which tasks they have been assigned to or keep them instantly notified on any changes to the current plan. 

Prioritise or time their activities so they clearly know the order of execution of their duties.

Set reminders to ensure that due activities are completed on time and write important information in the notes that can be seen from their devices at all times.

Centralise contact details

Don't lose time searching

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Keep important contact information of owners, vets, workers etc. within a hands reach. 

Contact details will be easily accessible and always up-to-date from one central place of interaction, your devices. 

Replace laminated posters with an online accessible contact list with phone numbers and emails to instantly contact. 

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media files employees

Upload media of employees

Store files in one place

media files employees
Keep documents and media about the members of your team in a centralised platform regarding contracts, flight boarding passes or any other information involving transportation, insurance or other major documents.