feature 5 competition

Competition scheduling

Get the details right

feature 5 competition

Make your detailed competition plan and share it with your team and owners so everyone is informed on the upcoming events, what horses are participating, which staff is joining, what time classes starts and what the related expenses could be.

Keep your team and owners connected by notifying them of any unexpected changes to the original plan! 

Track performance

Know the result

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Record the performance of your horses at the competition after each class by noting the height of the class, ranking in the class and the score received in that class with the name of the rider. 

Reports can be later generated on the performance of the horse and rider and shared with the appropriate people.

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Plan competition day

Recipe for success

Start detailing each competition event or show by introducing the different classes you will compete each day. Each class can be configure with the competing horses and rider, starting hour, starting order etc 

Allocate to your plan any additional activities on the show ground, whether its stretching or a light flat work session in the morning before the class, just give your horses the best opportunity to perform at their best.

Manage show expenses

Record every payment

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Keep track of the competition related expenses and prize money by noting entry fees, travel costs and other general show expenses that can be divided amongst the owners of the horses. 

Keep track of expenses during the show to ensure no cost are getting lost and allocated correctly to each individual horse to make billing a breeze.

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feature 4

Store show media

Find what you need quickly

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Upload your show videos and pictures directly to the app system during the show and link the specific show from your calendar. 

Notify your owners automatically as soon new videos or photos are made available on their horse.

Each show media can be linked to your horse and team members to easily access on the go, whether it is flight tickets, health certs or hotel bookings. 

Restrict some team member from accessing sensitive competition media with our build confidentiality feature!