Software for riding clubs & equestrian centers

The platform that helps you to coordinate all your club activities on one place, accessible anywhere!

Save time using equclub
Analyses keep you on top of your business
Get paid faster & easier,
members can easily make online payments
Centrally manage all your
photos, videos and documents
Keep track of your complete
horse population
Manage members and their accounts
Pick and book activities from anywhere at any time
Schedule horse's health treatments and let the system remind you
Inform your target audience effortless and improve your communication
Create invoices quickly and send them automatically
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Plan, update and reschedule easily your lessons at any time and place

Avoid double booking, crowded arena's with our arena planning

Organise club events easily and transparent throughout your organisation  

With equclub you can create your own club shows, starting orders and share results throughout your communty

Our equclub Ambassadors

Equclub is very proud to have 'Meerdaalhof' and 'rijschool Pronkenberg' as our club ambassadors. These riding clubs are in the top 5 biggest riding clubs in Belgium with over 1000 members.

5 Reasons to switch to equclub

Save Time

Equclub creates improvements in communication and administration for you to give you back your time, once lost 


 With Equclub we say goodbye to all those manual time-consuming tasks.

Members can register, schedule there lessons, arena, etc, confirm and pay at the very moment, from any time & place.



Equclub brings you accessibility and flexibility to manage your riding club at your fingertips, from anywhere at any time.

It provides you with a state of the art platform what makes your managing job a true walk in the park.


Simplify your administration

Easy Club


Improve Engagement

Thanks to equclub you can effortless email communications and news letters to your target audience, club members, sponsors and many more.

Inform them easily through the digital notice board. Now there's one channel where you can keep everyone up-to-date.

All-in-one Tool

Equclub brings a whole new level of  engagement to your riding community.

This platform helps you to coordinate all your club activities on one place and accessible from anywhere. 

Take the jump and improve your riding school with equclub and start frustration-free club management!

Using equclub is like having a superpower to coordinate your club from different places, being at the home,club or on the road, interact with everyone involved—all at the same time.