Smart Stable Board

All-in-one structured digital planning

Planning and horse info available at your fingertip in the heart of your stable  — for everyone to use

Equicty offers a Smart Stable Board;

an 32" intelligent touchscreen that replaces

the widely used whiteboard which allows you

to work faster and more accurate at the stable.

  • Scratch, splash and dust resistant

  • Ruggedised, stainless steel casing

  • CE certified

  • Industrial grade application

  • 2 year warranty

  • Operable with riding gloves

Plan, update and log execution of health, training and feeding activities

Access different websites to watch live competitions

Log expenses and earnings

Analyse health reports and X-Ray images with the vet or

 watch training and competition videos with the whole team

Make use of the timer to register the daily working time

The Smart Stable Board replaces those messy whiteboards, all in one clean & structured board.

Jamie Gornall

Gornall Equestrian

6 Reasons to Say Goodbye To Your Old Planning Board

It can quickly 
become a mess…

You need to be at the stable to complete the planning

No history available

It’s hard to keep track of expenses for each horse

It’s time to ditch the whiteboard,

and start frustration-free stable management   

Using equicty is like having a superpower to coordinate your stable from different places, being at the stable, home or on the road speaking to everyone involved—all at the same time.

It's hard to change the planning when you are away

In order to change the planning you need to coordinate with people via texts, Whatsapp or phone calls.

Now you can modify the planning in a few clicks from anywhere via your smartphone or your laptop, and the Smart Stable Board will update in realtime, so everybody has the latest planning. 

Our Smartboard enables you to 
make the current day’s plan, but keep 
the full history of previous activities. 
You can always go back 
to see what was planned (and actually accomplished) and never again miss 
an important piece of information.

Tracking expenses and consumped goods via sticky notes is inefficient. Notes get erased and sticky notes are easily lost—and you can lose track of what’s done for each horse.

You can also lose track of expenses you need to bill to the owners.

 Smartboard makes logging so easy that nothing is ever forgotten. Since the information is all synchronized, the administration department is updated in real time, and generating accurate expense notes and invoices is a breeze.

There's never enough space

It’s physically impossible to

add all details of all tasks

that your staff needs to


With the Smart Stable Board, you can add all activities (training, health, sport,

feeding and more)on one board so everyone has all the information they need at hand. 

Different colors, magnets and legends result in

clutter, and abbreviations

or handwriting may not

be clear to everyone.


Using the smartboard you can easily switch between different views in clear text, with a structured overview of all information and a detailed view of horses and tasks relevant to you.

The Smart Stable Board can be adjusted remotely, from your computer, smartphone or tablet.
Remotely follow-up the status of execution and get notification messages from your staff through 
the Smart Stable Board - no matter where you are. 
One smartboard replaces multiple whiteboards.