Coordinate and communicate all activities at the stable or on the road with our ready-to-use platform

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Save time using equstable
Analyses keep you on top of your business
Have finally a full cost control and
generate expense overviews of
your horses
Keep track of your complete
horse population
Manage all your contacts in one place
Centrally manage all your
photos, videos and documents
Plan and control your workouts from
anywhere and at anytime
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Create invoices quickly and send them automatically
Set up ration programs, supplements and medication scheduled over the day
Schedule your competitions ahead and keep an eye on your performances
Schedule horse's health treatments and let the system remind you
Create and Send Invoices with
just a few clicks

Since all expense information is readily available in equicty, you are able to create and send invoices in a few clicks—without forgetting any expense items.

The owners get a detailed and transparent invoice, and you can follow unpaid invoices and send payment reminders automatically.


With equstable, detailed information about each horse can be found in a few clicks or taps on your smartphone.


Switch between a quick overview of all horses and a detailed view of each horse (including their health, planning, photos, videos, competitions…) All easy to search and share with anyone involved.

We make sure you have an up to date view of where your horses are, and where they have been.

Your Horse Population Neatly Organized
All Horse Photos, Videos and
Documents at a Tap of a Finger

Upload all your media to equicty, and access it anywhere and anytime, with a few clicks or taps on your smartphone.

You can share any media instantly—or let anyone involved receive notifications when a new photo or video is uploaded.

Coordinate Horse Workouts
from Anywhere

Schedule training activities for all the horses and team members.

Easily update and follow up the planning at the stable or on the road.

Review horse’s previous training schedules, and finetune the training based on previous performance (and competitions ahead).

All Your Contacts in One Place

Searching your phone, emails, spreadsheets and stacks of business

cards just to find important contact information is a thing of the past.

With equicty, all your contacts are in a single place so you can:

  • Find any contact and their information anytime and anywhere on your smartphone

  • Easily share horse's information, photos and videos with anyone who needs to know

  • Obtain a link between your contacts, owners and their horses


It's time to go beyond just 'managing' your contacts and start treating your contacts better.


Never again will you have to chase after people to get all expenses, or be surprised by an invoice.


With equistable, anyone can add detailed information to each expense or earning.


You can book expenses and earnings at the stable, while at competition (or anywhere else). You can now control all the costs

of any horse at any time of the day.

Get a Full Cost Control
Manage Healthcare Activities
with Everyone Involved

Get reminders and auto-schedule your next healthcare activities,

so you never forget or are late with important health activities.


Vets, farriers and medici get access to the horses they treat, can

update examinations and upload reports and notes.

Owners have a clear overview of the health status and health

follow-up of their horses.

Schedule Competitions and Keep
Track of Performance

Schedule all the competitions and make the schedule immediately available for everyone.

Keep an eye on results and earnings.

Keep all owners up to date on their horses upcoming competitions, achievements and performance.

Mobile App
Access from anywhere & at anytime 

Plan, update and log execution of health, training and feeding activities

Share your horse information & media with people who are interested

Log expenses and earnings

Analyse health reports and X-Ray images with the vet or

 watch training and competition videos with the whole team

Set recurrence for important tasks and get reminded about upcoming activities