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3 Reasons Why Equicty Will Work Great for Any Stable

3 Reasons Why Equicty Will Work Great for Any Stable

Smart Stable Management

Great Digital Stable Management Software provides you with the tools you need to simplify your business, and your life! It can save you hours on admin, enhance collaboration and grow your revenue. What’s not to love?

There is another way to organise and record the medical and training history of your horses.

Digital Stable Management software is a must have technology for stables.

Equicty helps you enter and locate the information you store about your horses. This allows you to engage your team, ensuring speedy planning, assigning tasks to employees for the week’s schedule and instantly retrieving historical information on a particular horse.

In this article, we’ll give you 3 great reasons why equicty will work great for any stable. From horse planning and task completion to time management and quick finance features, equicty adapts to a variety of stables, tasks and activities. Hopefully, after this quick read, you’ll have the insights about the usefulness and effectiveness of this software.

1. It is Flexible

Different stable teams have unique ways of accomplishing tasks.

As such, a stable management software should be flexible enough to support a variety of administrative tasks that happen in and out of the stable. Flexibility makes equicty inarguably valuable.

With the cloud-based platform, you can configure your tools to meet your specific stable management style without compromising flexibility. Run your stable the way you want, equicty allows you to do that.

The software enables you to distinctly manage all types of health, training, breeding, financial and feeding tasks. Accomplish these tasks within multiple teams, barns or at shows with precision.

Stable teams are constantly on the move. This is because horses have competitions all over the world. Horses are selected to travel and their grooms and riders will go with them. For this reason, team members should have the ability to access vital task details from their mobile devices whether they are working from the home stable or attending a show.

Equicty allows your team members to switch between PC and mobile devices with the equicty app. The app is available for both Android and iPhone smartphones. With the application, team members on the move have a stale management tool in their pocket. They can easily see their tasks, access important horse files, add expenses and even follow specific competitions details.

What makes equicty the most flexible is that you always remain connected to your home base. With the equicty mobile app, you always know what’s happening in the stable and you can always collect expenses on the go.

If your team like to plan tasks the night before, equicty is accessible from the desktop or tablet.

Would your team like to follow their progress while in the stable? The Smart Stable Board will be there for you. And so will equicty when you are on the road or at the airport waiting to arrive to the next show. You are always connected to your stable wherever you are.

2. It Keeps you Organised

If there’s one thing that defines equicty, it is visibility. On the left side of the portal you will find a clean menu where the bulk of the platform is categorised into sections concerning different administration. This superbly visual menu composed of titled icons gives the user a strong starting point in deciding where to navigate on the platform. Your stable will never have been this organised!

Equicty is built beautifully and is a pleasant platform to open up on your phone, desktop or Smart Stable Board. It motivates your team to be organised in planning and completing tasks.

Your staff know their own initials and colour so it’s easy for them to identify the tasks associated to them and others. Essentially, the visual colour scheme provides a clear overview of your tasks and keeps everyone in your team focused. Since the platform is customisable, there are some configurations that need to be completed in the settings, here you can access permissions for your staff, owners and other equestrians involved in your business.

Choose the colours you wish to associate with the staff, the images and the names, and make a detailed profile for each horse. Use your own list of stable tasks concerning health, training and breeding so that they can be easily planned later on. Here you have a digital stable management platform that immediately looks visually clear to your stable team. The way you do things in your stable will remain the same, but you will get things done much faster and with less stress!

The little details that you don’t see right away provide incredible features to group and search project data. You have a search filter, stable group filter and horse search to speed up your search.

To edit or delete multiple tasks at once you can use the bulk action button and to download a report of the training just navigate to the three dots on the far right. The views available on the dashboard are divided into three sections, week, day and rider board. Put digestible information at your staffs fingertips, allowing them to see the big picture as well as their individual tasks for every day, week and month.

Together, the colour scheme, layout and the boards view create a visual and interactive workspace for stable teams. For the stable manager, they make it easy to plan interactively, to map out competitions and see who’s working on what task and when. On the other hand, impressive views inspire team members to take the necessary action to bring the horses to the next level in their training.

3. Helps You Communicate & Collaborate Easily

When you are working in the stable, task details can be difficult to grasp. Checking one whiteboard with the entire daily or sometimes monthly plan has many challenges for staff members.

It’s often written small, it has been blurred or the order is unclear. Sometimes, the tasks haven’t been updated which cause confusion and it’s hard to memorise it so after each task is completed you have to go back and check the next task and try to remember the details of what you need to achieve. Fortunately, equicty deals with these concerns and in fact was created due to these bad stable experiences.

Equicty gives you the chance to make a clear overview of all health and training tasks so that nobody forgets anything! Particularly, vaccination expiry dates where most stables only access these details from the horses passports, making all important horse information just very difficult to check.

Assigning tasks to staff members, gives responsibility to every task required for efficient stable management operations.The side of the dashboard has a notes section to grab the attention of staff members if there is a general announcement to be made.

On top of that, each user receives notifications about their assigned tasks and if the task has been edited or deleted. The task owner will then have the responsibility to carry out the task and marking the task completed along with some side notes.

Equicty ensures that all communication and files about a specific horse or task are kept in context and a centralized place. Centralizing all communication ensures that teammates never miss vital information. Besides, the media section is a bucket for every horse photo, video and document that needs to be filed!

When your stable has more than one base location or is just a large farm in general take advantage of the stable groups feature. It’s easy to create a section for each stable group with the list of staff responsible for a certain group of horses. The finances of each stable can even be kept separate.

The tasks are planned into the dashboard and assigned to each member based on their expertise. If your stable requires a vet, dentist or farrier, equicty can store the appointments and the professionals details for easy contact. As a result, the whole team can visualise what needs to be done, and when it needs to be completed. This makes life easier for you and the team members, as well. It gets everyone on the same page and sets up the stage for easy task planning, tracking and reporting.

Essentially, team members can provide feedback, leave notes and set the tasks completed once done. This helps you see how the day or week has progressed and enables you to manage everything at the highest level. Most importantly, when the task is assigned, your staff get notifications via email or within the equicty mobile app. This is why stable management software is useful for teams handling a wide range of tasks, especially those that involve numerous tasks.

If you require a digital solution to help you improve your organisation and efficiency in your stable, try equicty. Save time, money and stress by finding the best way to manage your stable. Try equicty’s 21 day free trial today and receive expert support during set up.

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