International German-based show-jumper Jennifer Pedersen uses the stable management tool from equicty to manage a wide range of stable activities including billing and planning on the go. The Danish rider that tracks her stables’ business activities digitally told equicty that her stable ‘has been very happy users of the equicty stable system for years now’. Equicty has optimized Pedersen’s workflow in terms of planning, organization, and remaining connected in real-time from anywhere.

This article explains how the stable system fits into Jennifer’s daily routine and has created a collaborative environment between teams and clients. Prefer to watch the video version instead?

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The Fact that Planning is Interactive

Imagine interactively planning all your daily stable activities making communication easier for your team? With equicty, Jennifer can interactively plan all the daily, weekly, or monthly stable activities. This allows her to effectively coordinate the duties to her team. ‘It’s really easy to make a plan for the horses every day and to keep an overview of what’s going on in the stable and how it’s going with the horses’.

Easy to Keep Full Control of your Stable during Travels/Shows

Jennifer Pedersen has a calendar full of competitions so before choosing a digital stable management tool, she had to be mindful that she could remain connected to her stable from anywhere, even when she was traveling or away at a show.

1. Location Doesn’t Matter

Equicty keeps you connected to the heart of your stable no matter where you are. Cloud-based computing allows equicty users to access their accounts via the internet through a range of their connected devices.

2. Choose the most Convenient Device

Be connected through a range of devices such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets, or smart stable boards. Equicty has a mobile application for android and IOS that can be downloaded by your entire team. The perfect option to check on things while you’re on the go. Maybe logging into your account via the desktop app is more convenient for in-depth planning. It may be useful for checking records or videos after a show day!

3. Access to Latest Updates

Due to the origin of the software, equicty allows users to access their accounts in real-time. This means that when an update is made from a team member e.g. a task has been completed or a photo has been added, all users will automatically be viewing the account with this new information as soon as the change happens.

The Billing Module brings Costs Together

What I have been using very much and what has saved me a lot of time is the billing system that works really well.’

– Jennifer Pedersen

The billing department of the equicty web and desktop application allows you to create flexible and recurring invoices and send them in just a few clicks to your horse’s owners and other horse professionals. One can capture billable items easily on the go and let the system add them automatically to the owner’s invoice.

‘It’s easy to put in the expenses, and it’s easy because there’s an automatic system to manage the prize money. Equicty has an ownership calculator which splits different owners of horses by percentage, this is one reason why the billing system works so well.

‘In general, the system is helping us very much to save us a lot of time, and it makes it really easy to keep an overview of what’s going on in the stable and how it’s going with the horses, I would definitely recommend it to everybody. It’s a very professional and super, super good system’.

If an international athlete can train, compete and run her stable digitally, then you can too!

If you require a digital solution to help you improve your organization and efficiency in your stable, try equicty. Save time, money, and stress by finding the best way to manage your horses, team and administration. Try equicty’s 21-day free trial today and receive expert support during setup.