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Why your equestrian business requires a digital transformation!

Why your equestrian business requires a digital transformation!

A digital transformation in business management is the new norm where companies can create a digital mindset and assign digital roles and responsibilities for the team through online platforms. Many horse companies, stable managers and riding schools still communicate via a writing board (i.e. whiteboard) or paperwork (i.e., diaries) about the activities and status of the horses, but when we look deeper into these old trends, all we can see is that this is a great barrier to achieving efficiency and productivity in our equine businesses.

The use of digital tools in equestrian businesses can be the perfect solution to keep track of administrative activities, as well as improving the working conditions for your team and horses. In this blog, we would like to explain in greater detail, why transforming your stable towards digital stable management is so important.

Central Platform

Using a centralized digital platform for equestrian management brings you many beneficial options to carry out everyday activities that require your business to organise, store and retrieve information about your horses, your stable or your club members in one central location. Every person involved, from stable managers and coaches to veterinarians, farriers and owners, has access to the information they need or want with their own account.

No more countless emails back and forth, no writing boards that can be erased or papers that can be lost. A single place for all crucial information about your equine business simplifies your communication flow and reduces the chance of errors or misunderstandings even when teams are divided due to travelling.

Everywhere and always aware of your horses

With digital management in the heart of your stable, you not only enjoy improved communication between all parties involved, but also unlimited access to this important information. A digital and mobile platform for the management of your stable and equestrian centre gives you the opportunity to stay informed of all activities, health status, racing information, training schedules, etc., anytime, anywhere.

This can be useful not only in exceptional circumstances but also when horse owners, jockeys or stable managers are on the road or abroad. Not only can they react quickly when certain activities need to be adjusted, but it also gives them the opportunity to pursue their passion wherever they are and from any device.

I use the app and the dashboards to organize for the days ahead. I can keep an eye on the work when I’m traveling. In the app there is the organization side for planning, associating videos, and pictures with each horse, and what I love particularly is being able to share our passion with owners and sponsors as they have access.

Kevin Staut – French Olympic Show Jumper

More time for your passion

Create more valuable time to bond with your horses by digitizing your stable management and riding stables. You no longer have to delve into masses of emails to know about your horses’ status and whereabouts, but you can check your horses’ health status, training schedules, media files or competition and breeding analysis at a glance. After all, less time for administration means more time with your horses.

More efficient management through clear reporting and analysis

A digital platform for the management of stable activities allows you to check and analyze all data about your horses to help make better decisions. Immediately see what works for certain horses and what doesn’t, which horses need specific attention or training to become healthier and perform better during competitions, lessons or their breeding season. Through digital management of your stable and riding school, you can monitor and manage everything from one centralized platform, clearly and always with the most recent information.

Are you curious about the effects of a digital transformation on your equestrian business? Then try it out for yourself during our 21-day free trial with direct support to guide you through the system. This way you can discover for yourself how the digital management of your stable and riding school can transform your business efficiency and to ensure your partners have the information they need to perform.

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