• Samir Brahimi

Why efficient stable management is important ?

Updated: Mar 18

‘A shift to digital stable management’

Can you imagine if you had complete control of your stable activities to achieve maximum productivity from anywhere in the world, at any moment?

Taking care of and tending to horses is a full time job which requires a lot of time and energy. In this dynamic industry, making that necessary shift to a digital stable management system can help your business save time but operate more efficiently. It’s important to understand that stable management is more than just feeding the horses and mucking out the stables, it’s about optimising communication, planning and organising activities effectively to enhance the performance of your operation. This article will delve deeper into the importance of why a stable management software can help improve your company’s overall efficiency.

Saving valuable time

How fast are you at communicating day-to-day activities in your stable? Planning and executing all tasks related to your stable management costs a lot of time and energy and this is affecting the efficiency of your stable. In many equestrian companies, distributing this essential information seems to be a difficult and chaotic process because all communication runs through various channels. This causes problems to locate the information which can easily change by bringing your whole team together on one stable management system, ensuring speedy planning of appointments, instantly retrieving historical information on a particular horse or assigning tasks to employees for the week’s schedule. You no longer lose valuable time in collecting and communicating all pieces of information. This leaves quality time for your true passion: the horses.

Constantly Up-to-date

Effective communication between employees, owners, vets and farriers means that all parties are instantly up-to-date on a new piece of information. For a stable to work efficiently, it is very important to seamlessly coordinate all stable activities without losing sight of the care of the horses. In the case of an unexpected situation or a change in the set plan, all users have the possibility to speak up about the issue, therefore updating other users immediately by push notification. The faster users can provide the information to other team members, the faster a task can be modified. This can make the difference between missing your jumping class or having your mare inseminated on time or more seriously saving your horse from a severe colic. In addition, they will be able to add and adjust information at all times and from every location or device. Efficient stable management makes sure the horses are taken care of as they should and keeps all parties informed.

Centralised Platform

Have you ever been frustrated when you couldn’t locate a file? How about the struggle of having to deal with unexpected requirements such as to fetch a horse’s health record, media files, training schedule or send an invoice to the next owner? Having one platform to enable you to carry out your service at the optimum level is a way to digitally manage your stable effectively. Having a central platform to hold key information is crucial when it comes to executing tasks that will fulfill the needs of your horses and guide them to where they need to be. An efficient stable management system can be the perfect solution to get a better overview of all executed and planned activities and even better to streamline all communication with the parties involved. Such a stable management system helps you to optimize all activities in one centralized platform.

Simplify administration and invoicing

Every business has to deal with administrative tasks and that’s no different for equestrian companies. If you have several existing owners and horses with different needs such as separate farriers, dewormers and medications, invoicing can get very complex. Instead, have all of your favourite products listed in one system and have them added and distributed on automatic templated invoices in just one click. In addition, you can grant potential clients access to files via a link. How easy it can be!

Efficient stable management through stable management software can significantly enable this administrative flow. It also enables you to create the necessary reports and excel files for a clear analysis of medical treatment history, rehabilitation training plans and clock in time of employees for the year. After all, taking a closer look at your administration activities helps to optimize your stable management into a process that’s the most efficient.

Transparency and making better decisions

Traditionally, stable management was carried out in many stables based on intuition rather than facts, figures and analyses. As a result, this gives an opportunity for human errors to surface, therefore harming the welfare of the horses and reputation of the business. Since professionalism and honesty are important in the horse business, efficient stable management with the right software can be a true added value. It gives stable managers the opportunity to be transparent about the entire process of stable management and to make the right decisions from experts based on the track record of the horses. For example, a rehabilitation program can be planned with the stable manager and veterinarian and carried out by the grooms and riders with a note requesting progression after each training session.

→ Efficient stable management therefore ensures a streamlined flow of information and tasks concerning the care and maintenance of the horses. This makes it an indispensable asset in every horse company that wants to grow and be successful in the future.

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