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Stable Whiteboard: Why to Replace it Fast?

Stable Whiteboard: Why to Replace it Fast?

Did you know that it was in the ’70s that the whiteboard became the new blackboard? 50 years on, equine businesses have adopted new technologies in the search for efficiency and space to add more information.

In schools, they are using interactive whiteboards, in McDonald’s touch screen kiosks are the new ordering system. Stables are using Smart Stable Boards to manage their horses, teams, expenses and anything else you can think of. In our personal lives, we are going paperless for better productivity, in stables we are ditching the whiteboards. This article will discuss some of the main signs why you need a Whiteboard Replacement in Your Stable.

The whiteboard replacement

#1 There’s Never enough Space

Did you ever wish that you just had a little more space to write another detail on the whiteboard? We are so precise in the training our horses undergo, what their health status is and when their next appointment is. Let’s face it, we don’t have enough space for the monthly schedule, the past schedules, competition, health and breeding schedules. We try to do this with side notes here and there but it fails over and over again. The worst thing is that information left out causes communication issues that can have consequences on both the horses and staff. It’s just a pity that we can’t account for all the details we want in one easy and fast way. I have a little secret, there is a way!

Companies are already offering digital solutions to stables. Some companies are moving whiteboards to their phones, others are replicating the whiteboard and adding a digital touch. This is all an attempt to generate more space for managing stable activities. It’s not our fault that we can’t be organised using a whiteboard, it’s that the whiteboard isn’t a fit for stable management. That’s why equicty has transformed the whiteboard into a triple dashboard drag and drop interactive smart stable board. Whether you are a horse owner the other side of the world or your stable has multiple bases, you don’t have to worry about space ever again.

#2 Things get very Messy

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We have several interrelated stable activities that interact and depend upon each other. Yet, the whiteboard fails to connect them in an organised manner.

1. The hand writing becomes smaller

2. The board is limited with colour markers

3. We can barely identify who must do what task

4. Once a task is completed, the board turns into a big scribble

5. Unreadable notes, deleted information and difficulty to update the most recent news

6. Horses are not receiving the care they need due to misunderstandings

7. Expenses not being recorded or missing important appointments with the horses.

Every day, we sacrifice a piece of information on the white board because another slightly more or updated piece of information needs its place on the whiteboard. The whiteboards assist messiness because they are not a management system. To compensate for the lost whiteboard space we use paper in the form of sticky notes and notebooks. Sometimes we just take a picture of the whiteboard and then remove information to find space. But where does this communication happen if it doesn’t fit on the whiteboard? You’ll probably find it in a message, email or sticky note somewhere 3 days too late. Why are we still doing this?

Digital Stable Board Quote

Stable management requires organised structure to work efficiently and the whiteboard is not enough for stable management. Remember how I said earlier that we have several interrelated stable activities that interact and depend upon each other? This requires layers of different structures, calculations and the availability of a real-time system. Clear the mess and confusion by wiping out your whiteboard for the last time. Give yourself a digital assistant that provides you with the structures and actions to make your details clear and organised.

#3 Can’t Plan Remotely

You all gather in the stable to start your full day of work with the horses. The whiteboard is blank and you are waiting for the tasks of the day. The manager is out of the stable and the vet has changed their appointments but the team don’t know this. All we know is that the whiteboard is fixed in one location and it’s not going to help the team get updated. The team does not operate in the same space and it’s time that we recognised that. Time goes by, communication delays happen, misunderstandings take place and next thing you know, the whiteboard plan fails. The new plan is being sent somewhere over the message and someone didn’t receive it, which makes that plan a fail too. When we are away from the stable things change and the problem is that others do not always know what has changed.

Planning remotely can be anything from writing the horse’s weekly or monthly schedules regarding their health, training and competitions in a different location from the stable. We don’t have to be in the stable to do these jobs, we can be on the road, in the kitchen of our homes, at a competition or an airport to plan remotely. Do I need a Whiteboard replacement in my stable? Maybe you are somebody that needs an easier way to stay connected to the stable remotely? Make the transformation to a digital stable management and get your whole team of horses, staff, owners and equine professionals connected on one platform. Know everything from anywhere and change what you don’t like in the click of a button.

#4 Can’t Save the History

Every time you wipe your whiteboard clean, you are deleting the data that leads to your success. In an earlier article, the importance of goal-setting was mentioned and it was discovered that goals were useless unless you evaluated them. Whiteboards don’t allow us to save data which makes them completely useless for evaluating goals in terms of horse health, training and performance. Imagine if you could analyse your horse’s performance in relation to its training, health and winnings? Imagine if you could determine the problems in any business administration in a couple of clicks or bring up all the files of a horse since the day he entered your stable?

With historical records you have immediate reports. You have the details you need to know when your brain can’t hold in every piece of information. What supplements did you horse get last month and when was he last vaccinated? Next time these questions are asked, you won’t have to sweat to find them. Take a look at your whiteboard replacement, if it’s on the wall in your stable or on your phone, you will find the record you are looking for.

Finishing Up

Are you still working with your whiteboard? Ask yourself, do I need a Whiteboard replacement in my stable? If you know there’s never enough space, that things get messy, you can’t plan remotely and are sick of not being able to record data then why not change that today. We are in the fourth industrial revolution which means that we are developing products to help you advance with technology all in a way to save you time to focus on what you are best at doing. If you have read this blog it’s clear that whiteboards are outdated, inefficient and will only slow you down.

If you require a digital solution to help you replace your whiteboard, try equicty. Let us help you manage your stable in the best way possible. Try equicty’s 21 day free trial today and receive expert support during set up.

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