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Simplify the administration of your stable in 5 steps

Simplify the administration of your stable in 5 steps

There’s a lot involved with good and efficient stable management. Everyone must always be up to date with information about the horses, workouts, competition schedule, … in order to care for and manage the horses. In addition, a clear overview of all costs, prize money and invoices are important so your stable runs as smooth as possible. To help you manage all this financial information and administration efficiently, you can use stable management software. In this blog we explain how you can use this software to simplify the administration of your stable in 5 steps.

Step 1: Save and manage your contacts in one central location

In any business, good management of your contacts is the key to efficient administration and that’s no different in the horse business. Stable management software is the ideal solution to help you collect and manage all contact details. Moreover, this information is always available to everyone and additional information can be added to each contact person. This way you can create a link between contact, owners and their horses.

Step 2: Manage and centralize information about the horses

Proper stable management can only be achieved when all parties involved, including stable managers, stable employees, veterinarians, dentists, farriers and owners, are aware of all necessary information about the horses. It’s therefore crucial to collect and manage all information on one centralized platform. In such a stable management platform you can:

  • · Plan workouts of horses and team members
  • · Refine training based on upcoming competitions and previous results
  • · Update and follow up your own tasks as your team members tasks faster
  • · Keeping owners informed of upcoming competitions, results and achievements
  • · Manage and share all information regarding the health of the horses with the people involved. This is an essential part of the health follow-up of the horses. Being reminded in time of upcoming deworming, vaccinations, shoeing, dental care, etc., in combination with careful planning of future activities, prevents activities from being forgotten or belated. Veterinarians, farriers and other healthcare professionals have access to this information, can make updates on certain examinations, can add reports, documents, medical images and upload notes. In short, everyone has all important information about the health of the horses within reach.

Step 3: Keep a clear overview of all costs and revenues

Now, a company can only continue to work efficiently if an eye is kept on expenditure, such as veterinary costs, competition costs, feeds, farriers, maintenance costs, rolling stock, roughage, and so on. It’s often the case that a lot of stable expenditures do not find its way to administration: they are forgotten, written on a piece of paper that is lost, or written on a whiteboard that can always be erased. In addition, there’re also the various competition results and prize money that stable managers should not lose sight of.

One glance on a clear overview of all these financials can help you get an idea about the financial health of your horse business. Stable management software helps you create such an overview so that you don’t have to search for all financial information nor waste time mapping out all costs and revenues. All information is structured immediately in the software and is ready to be processed.

Moreover, such an automated overview can be a great help in efficiently managing the costs of co-owned horses. In this specific situation, manually managing costs can become a complex and time-consuming task.

Step 4: Accelerate and simplify your invoicing

To tie in with the previous step, it’s always of great importance to keep an eye on your invoicing, to execute it on time and to make it as simple as possible. Now, because all information about costs has been collected in your stable management platform, you can automatically send all your invoices in just a few clicks. Your invoices also contain detailed and transparent information about each expense so that the owners don’t need to worry and ask you questions about the source of the expense. You can also always follow the status of your invoices and automatically send payment reminders. You no longer have to waste time manually sending and following up your invoicing.

Step 5: Optimize based on reports and analyses

Taking care of the horses and improving your stable must always be the focus point. Generating reports and analyzing all results is of great importance to gain clear insight into the operation of stable management and associated administration. Stable management software also offers the necessary functionalities so you can optimize efficiently where necessary.

Would you like to know more about simplifying the administration of your stables? Or are you curious how stable management software, such as equstable from equicty, can help you improve your stable management? Then contact us quickly. We are happy to assist you with the necessary advice and explanation.

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