The Future of Horse Location Tracing | Stable Management Activity

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What is Horse Location Tracing?

Horse Location Tracing involves keeping records of horses’ movements for biosecurity reasons. For example, a horse is moved to another stable for specialised dressage training and comes home after 3 months. Tracing horses by location helps us know where they have been and for how long. Although it can be easily managed by tracing the horse’s arrival and departure date, it’s not very easy on paper. Neither is it handy to bring these documents together when the national and International governing horse bodies request them.

Horse Location Tracing

What is the Legislation?

Countries such as the Netherlands and France have seen tighter restrictions regarding the registering of the horses location history into the database. Horses that are kept in the Netherlands have to be registered in the Dutch central database through microchipping. This is ‘a European obligation that applies to horses that are kept both for hobby and professional purposes’ (KNHS, 2021).

As for international competition horses, there are restrictions in place that protect horses from contracting diseases at international competition. FEI horses must be identifiable and traceable – ‘they must hold microchips and comprehensive equine passports, which not only attest to their identification but also to their health status. They must also be registered – entered in the FEI database’ (FEI, 2021). Therefore, horse location tracing is considered to be a management activity taken seriously.

What is the way Forward?

Many stables have started digitally tracing their horse’ movements because manual data entry is a time wasting task and paper is becoming less important in there day-to-day stable operation. French horse owners would traditionally fill out a form to trace horse movements for certain periods of time and it is simply inefficient for a stable that has to trace a group of horses. Stable administration is not adapted to handle this kind of legislation efficiently and that’s why equicty are providing you with the tools to manage it digitally.

Equicty developed a new feature to help breeders and horse owners to trace the horse’ location history accurately and on time. Horse details are then registered and updated correctly with the studbook, FEI and national horse governing bodies and they can be shared or downloaded as a PDF report.

Equicty has taken a leap to make the life of an everyday business equestrian easier. If your stable is ready to digitise the location history of its horse’s movements then contact us today.


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